W8 Walkman Android 2.3.7 v019 GingerDX + Tutorial

W8 Walkman Android 2.3.7 v019 GingerDX Xperia Active Launcher Download Link : www.mediafire.com Tutorial How To Root W8 To Android 2.3 GingerDX Download These File First : www.4shared.com www.4shared.com www.4shared.com GingerDX v21 ROM www.mediafire.com Just Follow This Step Step 1: Root your W8 – download and unzip SuperOneClickv1.9.1-ShortFuse to PC Desktop – connect W8 to PC (Do not mount) – on your phone [goto] [setting] [applications] select [unknown sources] – on your phone [goto] [setting] [applications] [development] select [usb debugging] – Launch SuperOneClick, click [Root] – If it ask something about Busy Box just click Yes – you will see – [not successful – is your phone software higher than 2.0?] – click [yes] and then [success] & [test su] message (this last part might not appear the same as It’s written here, so just use your common sense to get through) If you are successful in ROOTING your phone – SuperUser app will be installed to your W8. If you are not successful:- (a) check your PC [devices] [usb] to see if your phone is recognized by your PC (troubleshoot PC driver problem) (b) [usb debugging] in your W8 phone settings enabled? Then [Launch] [SuperOneClick] and try again. Install any File Manager from Android Market, such as Astro File Manager. Step 2: Mount W8 (to access SD Card) – copy [Root.Explorer.v2.16.apk] to root of SD Card – using PC create folder [xRecovery] and unzip xRecovery0.1.rar – put the 3 files into the xRecovery folder you’ve


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  1. Neil Gil says:

    sir i really need your help,, help me upgrade my w8? to android 2.3.7, please add me on facebook Neil Gil (n9_neil@yahoo.com)

    please help me sir!

  2. kenneth2009999 says:

    When I’m rooting my W8,I launch? the super one click and press ‘root’ but it break down suddenly and show that ‘waiting for device….’

  3. ruzzzel002 says:

    gingerDX? v021 update

  4. ruzzzel002 says:


  5. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    no.? before ur install a new rom . make sure ur full wipe first to make sure the phone will not brick . could you plzz tell me what rom are u gonna going install ? some rom are need to unlock the bootloader .

  6. ruzzzel002 says:

    so you did not unlock? the bootloader? my phone’s manufacturing date is 11w38. if I root it and install a new ROM, it will not brick??

  7. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    memey ar? . .

  8. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    u must turn off the? antivirus when using superoneclick

  9. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    add aq? kt FB : Fakhrul Shalehin

  10. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    malas, bnda? tuwh bleyh wat RAM phone jdi berat

  11. ruzzzel002 says:

    i read an article that you first? need to unlock the bootloader of the w8. you did not included it in your post, im having second thoughts about rooting. please help

  12. ckeynjb94 says:

    pening la nak buat? bnde nih :(

  13. jhaycolderia says:

    it deleted all my files and got a virus? in my? computer

  14. jhaycolderia says:

    aw…such? a virus superoneclick.(folder)..

  15. exquist123 says:

    Weh, Boleh kasi facebook or YM? Tlg ajar aku root. aku seriously tak faham? sgt cara-cara dia. Thnks :)

  16. anaksyazani says:

    nepa? awak x download go locker??

  17. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    no, it will? be delete

  18. ruzzzel002 says:

    will the applications i downloaded that was installed on the phone memory will? still be there when the new rom is installed?

  19. bimmerman9712 says:

    its okay mate i got the problem sorted it was the antivirus it deleted some? files so thats it cant root properly,anyways thanks for your concern

  20. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    hurm, what app do u use to root ur? phone ?

  21. GeneralxMartin95 says:

    Nice? !

  22. bimmerman9712 says:

    hey srry mate,for asking to many? questions my phone when im trying to root it it is always unsuccesful why?

  23. jhaycolderia says:

    hi but how?? can u teach me?plz

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